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Yesterday, Mike and I discussed how we go about dealing with the various frustrations that are particular to our educational institution's campus. To be more precise, we discussed the various frustrations that we feel are particular to our educational institution's campus. At one point in our discussion, he asked me how I can really see myself on this campus. The question came about because...well...quite frankly, I don't fit.

My response was one that was immediate. The answer to that question has been one that has guided me throughout the entirety of my experience here. In all honesty, it's guided me for the past five and a half years of my life, and I doubt that outlook will change very much over the rest of my life. It comes down to something simple: joyful obedience. I told Mike that no matter what circumstances come into my life to try and redirect my course, I've got to strive to obey the Lord. That doesn't change if I'm in a place I'd rather not be; the circumstances do not outweigh the command to be obedient and walk in righteousness. Furthermore, I cannot see how I could justify separating obedience from joy; the very command to obey is one that is rooted in joy (look at the entirety of's there, no doubt about it).

On a less happy note, I've got a toothache, a sore neck/shoulder, and a slight lack of sleep because of the two. I get to work eleven hours tonight, and then try to sleep for a few before going in again at 11 tomorrow morning. Hmmm...joyful obedience, right? Right!

posted by Bolo | 12:04 PM
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