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Interview Intrigue

I had my Student Leadership interview this morning. I think it went well; I hope it went well. Even if it didn't, I've come to realize at least one important thing throughout all of this: one of the ways this school year has contrasted from the last one is the manner in which my relationships have grown and deepened. Last year, I got to know a lot of different guys, and in some of those relationships, there was formed a certain depth that I leaned heavily upon. This year, those relationships have deepened to an even greater extent, and I only see that trend continuing. This year, however, I've found that I didn't really get to know a lot of new guys. That's not to say that I didn't meet new people; that theory would get shot down in a heartbeat were it revealed to public scrutiny. What I mean when I say that is that I don't feel like I was able to reach out and really care for others the way that I think I could have.

Now, whether or not I ought to have reached out more, or even if that would have been possible given my life's circumstances, is open to debate. I won't address that now. What I will address is the notion that I wouldn't want that to be the same next year. That's one thing I told the interviewers for Student Leadership. One phrase in Scripture that continues to cajole and convict my soul is what Paul says in Romans 12: "Let love be without hypocrisy." Do I truly love my brethren? Am I loving them for Christ's sake, with Christ's love, through Christ's strength? Do I constantly point them away from me, instead having them gaze into the glorious beauty and scathing scandal of the cross of Christ? Do I desire for them to fall more and more and more in love with our Savior, and in doing so desire for His kingdom work to be fulfilled in their lives?

I don't know the answers to those questions. I don't know whether or not I'll be here in a year, or even in a month (relax, that was just my little nod toward God's sovereignty, not any hint that I'll be going anywhere...believe me, I'm on pace to graduate from here in 20** telling what will happen between then and now), so only time will reveal what God's will has already planned out. Hmmm...yeah...I guess the curiosity that grips me now is how I'll be looking back upon this upcoming school year in a year's time...ya know? Will I love without hypocrisy? Pray that I do.

posted by Bolo | 12:25 PM
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