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Resurrection Sunday

It's Easter Sunday...still...barely. Well, by the time this is posted, after all is typed and push-button-published, after all the reading and eating and (supposed) studying and possible talking on the phone that will distract me from this rather reflective Resurrection Sunday post, it'll no longer be Sunday; it'll be Monday. What genius I wield ;)

This morning I sat in the pews, wondering at the tragic mystery of the crucifixion, exulting in the proclamatory victory of the resurrection. As I sat and pondered, gazing upon the vastness of the truth and power of the gospel, I glimpsed just a tiny portion of how dimly I flicker for God's glory in comparison to the blazing, white-hot passion of Christ's all-surpassing passion for the fame of His name. I saw that His death is mine, and how my my sinful flesh takes part in that death. It is, my death is also His. I saw that His life is mine, and how my once-dead spirit is brought share in His life. My life, therefore, is no longer mine. I saw how He pursues us as His bride, His beloved, the to whom He calls out and sings to; He allures us! I saw how His suffering was purposeful, how His death was deliberate, how His resurrection was and is victorious, and how I partake in all of these now. Wow.

On an entirely unrelated note, I just left a voicemail for Ed Ganigan. Yes, Ed Ganigan the University of Kentucky fan. Yes, the Ed Ganigan to whom I've not spoken since...oh...heck, over a year ago.

Check that, Ed Ganigan the UK fan just called me back. He's far better adjusted to UK's loss than most UK fans around here will fact, he's pulling for Louisville to win it all in St. Louis. What a guy :)

Ok...I gotta get exam beckons Monday afternoon, and I've not really studied yet. Uch & Boss: call me. Wake me if you must. Gary: When I write my first book, I'll dedicate it to the one who first called me a "legend." Jim: it's all your fault...remember that...particularly one year later...exactly one year later. Also remember not to plant too many seeds. Kev: sorry I forgot to call back...we'll do the ritualistic greeting soon, no doubt. Darren: you and me, Java, Wednesday evening. It's the hot date you've been waiting for all your life. Or at least, it's the one you've been waiting for since that hot date you had last Wednesday. And the Wednesday before that. And, for that matter, the one before that...and...well, you get the picture. Parris: you'll be getting a whole lot more of that...uhhh..."item" that you requested...we'll see. Mike: Olive Garden, soon. Scott: I'm gonna steal your quote and make it mine, but I won't publish it. I figure if it worked for get the picture...hehehe.

Everyone: rejoice with me, for Christ our Lord has risen indeed! We have no greater hope than the gospel, and no lesser hope than the gospel. Ponder that as you face all that the Lord brings you...such ponderance brings proper perspective and strength in light of the difficulties and sufferings of this world :)

posted by Bolo | 11:57 PM
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