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Frisbee and Friends

It's almost April. Nearly three full months into 2005, and only now have I played my first games of frisbee (much as I loved tossing the frisbee around with Kayla and Kyle in January, that doesn't count). I nearly made myself late for class because our last game went to 10, when it was supposed to have ended at 7. Neither team could end it in the win-by-two matchup, so we kept going. 'Twas ok with me, though, 'cause we ended up winning...hehehe. *Sigh*...I love frisbee :)

You know...I love good friends. They're hard to find, but once found, they're the ones that really last, you know? I was talking with Rich last night, and he reminded me that I should never take them for granted, because he knows how hard it is to function without them. I, on the other hand, can make no such claim. I'd hate to be able to, considering how difficult it is to function in life with them there ;)

Quick tangent: Ray Charles and Diana about soothing the sagging soul :)

Back to good friends. So yeah...I'd hate to think what life would be like without Uch or Boss there to tell me about the surf, or what my days and weeks would mock me with were The President or Smythie not there to remind me of what's really important. I can't see myself being the person I am had James Thomas not been there to listen and encourage when I needed it, or especially if Mr. Field had not employed every ounce of patience he possibly had in grooming my moronic self. The friends I've been blessed with would wake up in the middle of the night and drive to wherever I was just to keep me out of sin; that, gentle readers, is friendship :)

The other day I was giving Mr. Field some flak for not calling me back sooner. That bum took two weeks to do so, and that was after he hadn't called me in...oh...over a quarter of a year. Well, I hadn't called him in quite a while, either, but still...the ball was definitely in his court. He'd called while they were on their way back from Yosemite, vacationing there with Jay and Becky (whoa, there's a couple of people I haven't seen in FOREVER...I wonder if the Little Linebacker's head is still huge...hmmm...Gary, what was his name?). Anyway, he told me that he and Amy are expecting again, which is always great news. I remember how happy they were the first time Amy was hapai, and how much happier they were when they found out they were having twins. We were in a PACKED movie theater (opening night for The Fellowship of the Ring...yeah...PACKED), and Jon stood up before the movie started and yelled out, "we're having twins!" He was grinning his trademark ear-to-ear Mr. Field grin, naturally. Oh, the theater announcement was after he'd already told an elevator full of complete strangers - crazy haole.

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