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Cut It Out

Often, my heart does not do the things it knows it ought to; the convictions that God places within me when I read through Scripture are oft ignored, rationalized away, or conveniently forgotten. In talking about the ways I try to "execute" the convictions clearly presented in Scripture, I told Darren that I feel like a closet Thomas Jefferson, taking my imaginary scissors to whatever passages I feel are not applicable to me or are not relevant enough to warrant my attention. God doesn't apologize to us for what He convicts us about, nor should He. That would be one of the most absurd things I can imagine! Who am I to question what God says? What foolishness! Rather, I must learn to own up to the sins I hide and cherish in my heart, in order that I might take them and destroy them as they ought to be destroyed. That's the other good thing about Scripture: it not only convicts, it also heals, gives wisdom, and strengthens. I think that in a way, I have to learn not to try to cut into Scripture before it cuts into me.

posted by Bolo | 2:53 PM
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