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The Tally

Andrew would be proud. Why? The total tally for tonight's Open Dorm at Boyce College: 1 turkey sandwich, 1 muffin, 4 cookies, 1 can of chicken noodle soup, 1 brownie, a long sip of orange soda from an incredulous Matt (he looked like he couldn't believe he was giving me more sustenance than I'd already acquired), and an ooey, gooey kiss.

Hershey's, of course.

The sandwich came courtesy of I was the only one who got a sandwich...very nice. I was helping her, as she put it, get rid of all her food. I heard various cries of, "Toto, you're always eating!" or, "how'd you get that?" I can't help it if people gladly hand me their provender :)

Hmmm...I believe an explanation is in order before I go on. Open Dorms. It's the substitute for Dorm Meeting that occurs twice a semester (I think) where guys get to go into the girl's dorm rooms, and vice versa. It's somewhat of a big deal because the opposite genders are usually not allowed in Carver (the guy's dorms) or Mullins (the girl's dorms). The big draw is that the girls make food, and the guys...well...the guys hope they cleaned their rooms sufficiently :)

With that in mind, it's usually a rather unfair lot for the majority of on-campus male students at Boyce when it comes to Open Dorms, because I, the commuter student, somehow manage to obtain the most food. Should I be ashamed of this brash display of acquisition? Perhaps. Will I be ashamed? Unlikely. Will I continue my rogue ways? Absolutely!

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