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Random Happenstance

Random happenings from this crazy journey called Life...

Stacey picked my nose. I'd forgotten about this odd happenstance until she reminded me today. I'm not sure if I wrote about it when it occurred a couple weeks ago, but I certainly feel like writing about it now. Emily nearly snorted a booger out of her own nose (perhaps, I'm guessing, so as to alleviate the need for Stacey to pick her nose in turn...who knows...I'm not going to guess what motivates women to do what they do...*cough*) when she laughed. So yeah...Stacey picked my nose. This, after she had smelled my armpit on New Year's Eve when we were visiting the Cavanaugh's, staying with them in their house on Burkey (like turkey, but with a "b") Street in Reynoldsburg. Actually, the act of sniffage took place in Easton...a very, very cool mall/town center/oasis of shopping in Columbus. I could spend weeks there. Seriously. The flagship Express store is there. Ooooohhhh ;)

My hair is getting long, and I need to cut it, despite what Megan said. She thinks it looks nice. I think I look like a tree-huggin' hippie. It's been...oh...three weeks since I last set buzzer to scalp? Ouch. That's a long while. *Shrug*. I do as I please :) Soon enough, it'll be cut. Soon enough, my head will be happy :)

Intramural basketball at Southern Seminary and Boyce College. Aaaaahhhh, how sweet the bragging is! At least, until the next game. I'm on Todd Thomas' team. We had only six players last night, and Jeremy's team had eight. We rocked ' a substantial thanks to me...but still...'twas FUN :) Pablo kept stealing the ball like he was playing NBA Jams, and Jed lit it up from outside the arc like he was shooting from two feet away. We ran and ran and ran, and still had energy left at the end of the game. I think it's a lot easier to run when you're winning, but still...I was quite pleased that this old man didn't run out of fuel, ya know? Especially since...

I played some volleyball before the basketball game, probably about four games or so. Hitting the ball was fun, especially since the other team didn't put up a block. Hah! It's nice to play with people when they actually think you can hit. They attribute it to my being from Hawai'i, as well as the fact that I boss people around when I'm playing. (Sssshhh, I tell them I'm "coaching," and then they listen. They don't realize I'm just telling them that so I get to do what I want to do...hehehe.) Seriously, though, Mary would be proud of my hitting. My setting, too, but particularly my hitting. It's gotten twenty times better than it used to be, which makes it much more fun for me to play two's. Hopefully, we'll play again on Friday. Daniel and I have a little bit of revenge to exact upon James and TraceDawg.

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