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He ain't Juicy Fruit

Two weeks ago, I sat in Boyce Chapel, listening to Dean Scroggins preach. I don't remember a whole lot from the message, except an illustration about a grandmother asking her grandson, a rather highly regarded biblical scholar, if after all the education and accolades he had received, he loved Jesus more. Dean Scroggins challenged us with a charge to love Jesus more. I don't think I took it to heart that morning; thankfully, the Lord didn't let me forget it, because He brought it to mind again.

Will I, after leaving Boyce College, love Jesus more than when I first arrived? I thought about that this morning while I drove over the 2nd Street Bridge. I feel a coldness in my heart these days, a coldness that hints of smug, self-satisfied pride and selfishness. In short, sin.


As I pondered that, the thought came into my mind that I can't even worry about the condition of my heart when I leave unless I first take care of my heart while I'm here. In other words, the sin must be dealt with. Pride and selfishness must go, to be replaced with a desperate cry for satisfaction in Jesus. That was, in essence, what our chapel message was on this morning. Dr. Rick Holland preached from Ecclesiastes, covering the scope of the entire book. The theme he centered on was "satisfaction." What satisfies? Surely not Juicy Fruit. ( had to be there to get it.) The only thing that satisfies is Christ. Dr. Holland gave us a very sobering reminder of the preciousness of the Lamb of God, He who takes away our sins...our dissatisfaction. Christ takes away all my pride, my selfishness, my sin, and He nails it to the cross. He displays His glorious love for me and for the Name of God, all in one fell swoop on the cross; He satisfies me!

Nope...Jesus is definitely not Juicy Fruit...

posted by Bolo | 3:06 PM
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