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My heart still yearns to be at home. But you know what? I think it'd be far too easy to be at home right now. I yearn to be at home, yes, but I have ministry to do here. *Sigh*...there are hearts that are broken, lives that are in shambles, and souls that are utterly lost under a yoke of bondage to sin. The question I am now faced with is a difficult one to answer, as I continually find myself asking of the Lord, "how do I minister to the lost and broken when I myself feel so displaced and torn?"

I feel a loss for a loss for a loss for a loss for hope, even. I look inside my heart, and I see nothing there that makes me feel as though I can be the one to minister to the lost and broken. Yet, what strikes me as strange is that those around me seem to think otherwise. I would say it is foolishness, except that same thinking seems to permeate everyone I come across. Of course, it's not me that they're really seeing, nor is it me that they're saying can really do it; it's Christ they see in me, and it's in Christ that they rejoice and hope. Oh, how torn I do feel!

But you know what? Perhaps that's exactly what I must be. Perhaps I must be torn; my Lord Jesus did His most powerful work in being torn upon the cross, and in being conformed more and more into His likeness, I must embrace whatever rending the Lord works upon my heart. *Sigh*...though all around me is painful, though all around me causes me to weep, yet I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation!

posted by Bolo | 2:16 PM
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