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Short and Random

Short, random thoughts...

I miss home already. As much as I know I'm not supposed to stay, I can't help but think that if somehow the airport were to miraculously (but harmlessly) shut down for a couple days...weeks...years...decades...I wouldn't exactly be totally bummed out by it.

Tonight Andrew and I went to Hale Noa, a kawa bar on Kapahulu Ave. Our friend Tiffa plays there every Tuesday night, and this session featured her cousin, as well. Amazing, I tell you, absolutely amazing...

Total meals I've shared with Andrew and/or Brian or both: a lot...I've lost count already. By far, I've spent the most time with the two of them. Tonight I'm crashing in Andrew's house...on his living room floor...I told him that I'd tell his mom that I do indeed prefer the floor to the couch, because it's better on my back.

Today we surfed at Kewalo's. A bunch of people back on the continent received phone calls allowing them to listen to the surf as I held my cell phone over the water washing up on the rocks. Scott even passed his phone around to Boyce folks before we got cut off :)

There's still a bunch of stuff stewing in my brain. And yes, despite the fact that I'm supposedly on vacation, I'm still going to do the same crazy amount of thinking and reflecting that I always do. What's going on in my noggin right now? A lot...a lot. More later, though, 'cause I'm gonna crash soon :)

posted by Bolo | 11:45 PM
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