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Shake yer Steak

Dinner at Steak 'N Shake with Jim and Chriyus last night was excellent, and not just because I somehow...*cough*...*sheepish grin*...managed to not have to pay for my "meal," which consisted of just Strawberry Shortcake. Yum! It's good to know that The John Rule is extending beyond Southern Seminary's campus ;)

We talked about stuff...the past, present, and future. It was strange in a good way to have Jim was like he'd never left. I told him when I picked him up from the airport on Friday that I knew exactly how he felt; I'd experienced much the same several weeks ago when Andrew was driving me away from the airport at home. Of course, my emotions were slightly...well...more complicated, to put it lightly. But enough of me. The conversation last night took us to a lot of places I'd forgotten about: the many, many times we'd sat in that same Steak 'N Shake on Hurstbourne (Uch, remember that night when you met Rob?), meeting Eric and the crew from the New Attitude Band just a little over a year ago, and more...a whole lot more. We also discussed the circumstances we're all in right now. None of us could have predicted the circumstances the Lord has us undergoing at the moment; do we regret any of them? Nope...not a bit. It's great to wake up in the morning and know that despite the questions, despite the answers, we can still rejoice that our lives aren't really our own, and never really were. Hmmm...I gotta remember that one a little bit more ;) The future is the great unknown, and the three of us discussed that one a lot. Actually, I think I mostly listened. Chriyus and Jim are both much closer to graduation than I am, although my semi-immediate future is still unclear. It's looking more and more like the summer will see all of us separating...really, really separating...*shrug*...who knows? Only the Lord, and that's not so bad, is it? ;)

Ok, Scott just called, gotta run to Dorm Meeting.

posted by Bolo | 9:15 PM
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