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The Ocean

Many times in years past, I'd go to Kaka'ako Park and contemplate the ocean. Beautiful, huge, glorious, dangerous, mysterious, and shocking. A week ago, the night before my sister's wedding reception, I was blessed enough to once again walk the familiar haunts of Kaka'ako Park. It's affectionately known as the place where "Honolulu greets the sea." I've often felt like it was the place where the ocean greeted me...or, depending on the time of day, where the sun would bid me goodbye, or where the moon would come out of its hiding behind the Ko'olau Mountains. I loved to go there at odd hours of the day, particularly at sunset or around midnight. I'd sit out on the boulders that stretched themselves out past the wall, listening to the swells that would crash below me. There was something about the smell of the ocean that always made me feel alive, too...I miss it a lot, now. At night, looking over the ocean was like gazing upon an angry sea of living ink. I'd stare at it, wondering what its depths held...knowing that just hours ago, I was at its mercy as the waves held me under and pinned me to the reef for just a few moments. What secrets did it hold under its temperamental surface? The reef, a house to so much marine life; crabs that rushed down from the rocks and into the surf; and sharks, those huge kings of the briny blue, who glide through the currents to hunt food like I sometimes hunt food at school. I'd wonder at it, thinking that the God that made the ocean, of which I glimpsed but the tiniest bit, must indeed be powerful beyond my grasp.

*Sigh*...I'd sit there on the hill at Kaka'ako Park, and contemplate more than just God's ocean. I'd contemplate Him, too. What better to consider, what better to reach out and try to grasp? God...the God that made the ocean not only made me to enjoy it, but He made me to enjoy Him. Wow...what a powerful contemplation! Of course, I'm reminded once more of Augustine's sagacious words: "He loves Thee too little, who loves Thee together with anything, which he loves not for Thy sake." Those things that have my love must, in order to be truly loved, be loved for His sake. The ocean, as much as I miss it, is only a bitter memory unless it is sweetened by the truth that He created it, He created me, and that we both exist to harmoniously sing to His glory.

Do you know what I love the most about the ocean? It reminds me of Him.

posted by Bolo | 7:51 PM
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