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There's a road named Burkey something in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, zip code 43068. in turkey, but with a "b." What kind of name is that? Up until the 30th of December, it was one that held absolutely zero significance for me. Now, however, it's a street name that causes, after the snickering and the laughter, a gentle smile to cross my countenance. And a little bit of a frown, 'cause I left my jacket and a pair of my slacks at the Cavanaugh's, and I'm hoping that Scott brings them both back tomorrow, when he leaves the Cavanaugh house.

Which reminds me: the Cavanaugh family. They're the reason Burkey (like turkey, but with a "b") is a good name in my book. Well, memorable is a better adjective...yeah, I'll go with memorable. Why? 'Cause Burkey still sounds like a cruel name you'd give to the kid who sits alone in the cafeteria because he once tried to sit down with all the cheerleaders but they laughed at him and then when he tried to sit down with his nerd friends again not even they wanted anything to do with him so now he sits all alone and his mom packs him these horrible sardine and mustard sandwiches that give him zits 'cause he's allergic to something in the mustard she uses but he doesn't know it and won't be rid of his zits until he goes to college where he'll later become a much cooler dude but that's 'cause he'll get saved and then he'll know and trust in Jesus and so then he won't care about what the cheerleaders think about him at all because his identity will be found entirely in Christ and so the shallow things of the World will hold no sway over him. Yeah...Burkey.

Back to the Cavanaugh family. Again. Emily's family rocks. Although on the surface they may seem "typical," there's nothing typical about this family. I did not meet Jeff, but I did get to spend a good deal of time with Emily's two younger sisters, both of whom are remarkable young ladies in their own right. Steph is a cute little imp, and she could have you wrapped around her little finger in no time at all if you let her. VERY DANGEROUS LITTLE GIRL. (I'm still trying to unravel myself from that little finger of hers.) Abby is quite the young Tolkien Geek; give her a few years, toss in a timely rebellious streak, and she could also be sporting a nice little Elvish tattoo of her own. (Don't do it, Abbicus Maximus! Your mother and father would never invite me to their house again!) Speaking of the 'rents, Mrs. Cavie gets cool props, as well. I like the fact that I could tell her some of the silly little things that happened in her house during my visit, almost as if I was her spy who was helping her get the inside scoop on some of my fellow guests. Of course, she fed me; that alone is a trait that quickly wins me over :) Then there's Pastor Steve...Mr. Cavie...The Big Guy. He sported this incredible coffee maker (oh my goodness...must get one of those, if only for the whizzbangOHMYGOSHthat'stoocool factor) which he used to spout out a constant supply of excellent coffee. *Sigh*...such delights! But that's not what I'll remember most about him. What comes to mind is 1 Timothy. He clearly portrays those qualities that Paul lays out for Timothy, and he does so with a dignity and grace I cannot grasp, nor claim as my own. His family clearly follows his lead; that was a thing that was incredibly beautiful to behold, for it displayed how the Lord, in His perfect wisdom, ordered things to be. In fact, it was more than just beautiful, it was a blessing :)

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