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I saw the lights at a little before 9 pm Hawai'i time, lights I've not seen in over a year and a half. The Pacific was stretched out below me, and in the distance I thoguht I could imagine the various breaks I've surfed over the years: The Point, Straight Outs, Bowls, Rennicks, Concessions. Finally seeing the glorious panorama of Honolulu's coastline with my own eyes was a little too much for my tear ducts :)

I just got back to the Judd Street House, after spending a couple hours at Andrew's. Kevin, Britton, and Brian were waiting for us after Andrew picked me up at the airport. The nice thing was that Brian had no idea I was coming in (thus, all the enigmatic hints being given over the past couple of months, as well as the countdown), so the other three monkeys were more than happy to help me surprise the shortness out of him. Ok, maybe not the shortness; there are some things that take nothing short of miracles ;)

The execution of the operation was smooth. Andrew walked in first, and the other three had their attention drawn by Jack Johnson's latest surf video. I walked in like a year and a half hadn't passed and asked, "what are you guys watching?" Brian's face...oh my...PRICELESS. So was the two minute hug he gave me :)

Being home is...surreal. It's like I've not left at all, and yet everything is different. Everything I'm not used to sticks out; construction on H1, Liliha Bakery being closed (Lisa reminded me they're probably closed for New Year's), and the plethora of "stuff" sprawled throughout the Judd Street House. My schedule is already beginning to fill out. The Surf Crew will hit dawn patrol Diamond Head at 8 am, and then in the afternoon I have a date with Kayla and the other kiddies.

I'm home....I'm really home. But you know what? I'm already thinking about having to leave...*sigh*...

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