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Comfort? Nah.

As I sat there, Chip related to me how he recently had had quite possibly the worst day of his life. "Wow," I thought, "the worst day of your life, huh? That's pretty bad." He then related to me what God had taught him. He told me that all at once, it had become clear as day: Christ suffered far, far, far more than we do with nary a complaint, yet at the littlest sign of suffering, we whine and become mad at God for no good reason.


I told Chip that his one day of suffering and trial seems like my past half year or so, in the sense that my difficulties have taught me much the same, but they've come over the long-haul of the past six months rather than the intensity of just one day. That extended time frame has brought a lack of "normalcy" to my life, and there are no signs of a return to normalcy on the horizon. Chip being Chip, however, he reminded me of something beautiful. If my life were comfortable, I probably wouldn't be walking in Christ's shoes the way that I need to be, because the life that Christ calls us to is not one of comfort. Dang. It's hard to be an ingrate when someone older and wiser than you puts your whining in such eloquent perspective, you know?'s a fresh thought on the comfort angle. Just prior to the end of the last school year, I was just beginning to truly feel comfortable here in Nowhere Land. Andrew had come and visited, the friendships that the Lord had blessed me with here were growing roots that went deep, and I began to see where I fit in here. In short, I was excited about being here. But a funny thing happened along the way to happiness: I forgot something. It's a common plague amongst humans; it's a forgetfulness in who and what truly is important in our lives. The good thing is that God is mindful of our failure, and He more than makes provision for it, He uses it. How He uses it is a mystery to me, so don't ask, 'cause I don't have an answer for you. But really, that's the crux of the matter. Everything that's going on, the whirlwind I feel caught up in, it's not an accident; it's on purpose. And, although my circumstances do not in any way compare with Job's, I still have his choice before me: I can either curse God and die, or I can fall down on my knees and worship.

Which do you think I'll choose?

posted by Bolo | 1:35 AM
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