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Biggz and the Mrs.

I could start by stating that the wedding was one of the most Christ-centered gatherings I've ever had the pleasure of participating in (and I do mean participate); I could start by expressing the deep joy I feel for Jonathan and Shannon, not only because they're both great friends of mine, but particularly because of the circumstances they withstood in order to see this day; I could even start by relating how much I enjoyed the classy settting provided by The Olmstead House. I will not detail any of those things, however. Nay! Instead, I shall indulgently divulge the story of how almost our entire row (me, Scott, Rob, Chriyus, Tiffany, Jeremy Pierre and his wife, Laura Beth, and a couple others that don't really matter for this story) found ourselves trying with valiant failure to contain our mirth. What happened to cause such hysterics?

Picture Mrs. Mary Mohler, wife to the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., sitting in the row in front of us. Dr. Mohler was not attending the wedding, and all the chairs to the aisle side of Mrs. Mohler were free. Now picture Biggz...yes, BIGGZ, being escorted in by Josh Ryherd, sitting down next to Mrs. Mohler with an absolutely ginormous grin on his face.

Yeah...I had to look away and bite my tongue to keep from laughing too hard. Too bad that my turning made me look at Scott, who was doing as good a job as I at taming his laughter.

I even got a picture of Biggz and the First Lady ;)

Anyway, now that the contents of my blog are potentially incriminating to the remainder of my time here at Boyce, I must speak of the glory of Christ as seen today at the Leeman wedding. My goodness, what a beautiful gathering! Christ was made much of...we sang several hymns, we listened to the beautiful intention of marriage as designed and ordained by God, and we felt a stirring in our hearts to worship our Lord. It was clear that the focal point of the whole day was not the bride and groom, but Christ as the Bridegroom and the church as His bride. Wow.

You know...I can say with a huge grin that I am genuinely happy for the bride and groom as I've never been before. I've been to other weddings, yet with this one, there was so much more to their story that raised the level of joy I feel for the happy couple. Scott and I both wanted to do a little cheering during the official kissing of the bride, but stuffy sobriety won out in our minds, for better or for worse. What a shame, I think ;)

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