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Winter Dinner

Reason #63 why Boyce College Rocks: The Winter Dinner. Our annual Get Dressed Up and Look Hot event was held at The Fifth Quarter, a steakhouse off of Preston Highway. if that description helps you peoples back home ;) Jewel came down from Indy for the dinner, and being that we were running a little late...uhhh...I think we definitely made the "fashionably late" entrance. It was kinda funny, 'cause about fifty people came up and greeted us/her, and the other gajillion people were like, "who's Toto with?" That made for quite an amusing dinner :)

The food was good, but the company was better. We had a bunch of people at our table, but Jewel and I spent the majority of the evening with Scott and Emily. One portion of the evening had us playing the Skittles Game (or whatever it's officially called), answering questions that were designed to have us reflect on the semester that has nearly passed. I think the four of us each had at least one answer that at least one of the other four, if not more, could have answered for the other. Did that make sense? I hope so. Someone *coughJEWELcough* had the gall to call one of my answers before I answered it; not that I minded that in the least ;)

One thing in particular that I've really been thinking about this past week is how much I miss serving people. (These posts here and here may shed a little more light.) I was telling Chip Collins on Monday that what I hated about being so constantly drained this past month is that I felt like I had nothing to give the guys...nothing. I felt too sore to care, too occupied with just trying to stay afloat in my own life to even begin to think about helping someone else tread water. I hated it, I did. Was it my ego talking? Was my pride keeping me from allowing me to open up? I don't think so; the people who need to know did indeed know...believe me, they knew. Heh...I think Scott bore the brunt of it, that poor soul. Mike and Chris definitely heard their share, and Andrew and Brian and Jim helped out as much as they could over the phone. Still, it hurt so much to tell some random guy that I wasn't ok, that I was hurting far more than I wanted to be hurting...and that I had nothing to give him. Aaaahhhh! I hated it! I felt like such a failure! I wanted so much to encourage and strengthen my brothers, and I couldn't...I just couldn't. Yet I do not regret it. I do not regret being weak. I was ministered to, and I was lavished with love and care. Most of all, I was shown Christ. And you know what? Maybe, just maybe, my hurting helped show someone else Christ, for He was all that truly comforted me. I pray they saw in my eyes the deep and aching desire for Him above all else; I pray they see that still. In that, I take comfort and rejoice :)

I later told Jewel that people's perception of me here at Boyce is something I'm still getting used to. It's very much one or two-sided, and most of my peers don't realize that there's a few other sides of my life that they don't ever get to see. The Department of Defense Computer Specialist, the Produce Clerk in the grocery store who made fruit baskets for fun, the guy who grew up dressing like a bum, and who still does at when at home, the recluse who has to shut the door on the world and just write from time to time...they don't see those sides of me. Not that that's bad, it's just hard for me to get used to. I told her it's not only that others don't see those sides, but it's weird for me, too, because growing up I never really explored the things I now love to do. Writing, art, computers, teaching/coaching, or even learning in a classroom setting...those things were foreign concepts or lifestyles that other people explored or lived, not me. Yet I now find myself trying to get used to the fact that those things are...well...they're me. They're facets of who I am, facets that the Lord is slowly allowing me to come to grips with. It's a tough thing, because I grew up being content to take a backseat in life. Now, I constantly find myself doing the driving. Well, Jesus does the real driving, but you know what I mean...stop over-analyzing the analogy ;) It's...weird. I'm taken back to what Scott said about him being Student Council President...when he first got here on campus, he was the guy who stayed in his room and studied all the time. Now, people look to him whether he likes it or not. But you know what? He embraces the role the Lord has given him. I see it for myself, and I love it. He's doing what he needs to do, and there's no denying it. I guess it's much the same for me...I'm discovering what the Lord has for me in life...and it's still taking some getting used to.

The infamous After-Party at the DeKlavon's more than lived up to its infamous reputation. Scott and Emily joined me and Jewel in the ride to and from the DeKlavon house, and the riding definitely did not disappoint. I saw Miss Emily Cavanaugh in a different light...oh my...let's just say she does indeed have a feisty side ;) This effervescent spunk caused my jaw to drop the first time it was put on display; the second time around, I was almost ready to pay for the entertaining dialogue coming from the back seat. All commuting craziness aside, the evening was perfect. I honestly don't think it could've gone any better. Ok, maybe it could have, but I'm not regretting anything in the least. I had a blast and a half :)

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