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Who's Boss?

Our friendship has reached a heretofore unheard of dynamic: I have school ahead of me still, which means I will have quizzes, papers, mid-terms, and finals to churn through, while Boss has...well...none of that. None. He's done :)

Brian took his last final on Friday. He called me when he was done; his hand was cramped, his brain only somewhat intact, and his future uncertain. But you know what? He was done! On Sunday, he'll walk in UH's commencement cerermony. I won't be there, but I'll be thinking about him.

What will I be thinking of? *Sigh*...a lot.

The long drives from Starbucks to Mililani, where he would drop me off in the front of the townhouse I shared with Rob. Those drives were a landmark, because it was during those that our friendship was first forged and made strong. He learned to trust me when he'd vent, and I learned to love him when he did so. Of course, who could forget that the security guard for the complex would always come by while we were praying and interrupt our prayer? Those days seem like so long ago...over five years, to be exact...a different season of life, no doubt about that.

The sessions sitting in Starbucks. Who else could keep my velvet brown chair appropriately warm? Who else would sit across from me and read his Musician's Friend over and over again, talking about Seymour Duncan's and Humbuckers and Fender Strats and Marshall amps and Line6's all night? Who else could get so excited about liquid sugar? *Sigh*...Brian still makes me smile...

His days in Vancouver. Those were tough. I didn't want him to be there, so far away, but he had to go. When he came home, I was happy, but I thought he was supposed to go back there, not stay. He stayed, much to my dismay. Still, that time he spent there was fruitful. On my end of things, I learned to love over a distance. I learned that friendships are not limited by distance, nor is distance a reason to lose a friendship. His being away taught me that friendships stay as strong as you want them to, by God's grace. I'm still as close as ever to Brian and Andrew, and I've not seen either one of them for longer than I care to admit. For Brian, it's been a year and a half already. How much longer will it be? *Sigh*...

Surf sessions. I remember that one time when he saw the shark on the wave next to that dude. Did we paddle in? Heck no, the surf was good! Priorities, priorities ;)

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