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The Weather? Frightful!

A foot of snowfall is a lot of snow. Driving through a foot of snowfall? It feels like even more snow than when you're simply out and about on foot. Driving through such snowfall when you're from Hawai'i and have never really driven through snow (save once before, roughly a year ago...but I won't go into too much detail about how Andrew and I, with our Hawai'i driver's licenses, were pulled over less than a quarter mile from home after driving at least 10 miles under the speed limit for over 12 miles...yeah, go ahead and laugh) makes the experience all the more eye-opening. But I tell you what: after driving for somewhere around 100 miles today through such a frigid landscape, I feel quite seasoned.

Yeah, right ;)

The work schedule will get a little crazy, starting at 1 am tomorrow morning, a mere handful of hours from now. I'll be doing a six hour shift, then drive back to sleep in Scott and Biggz's room (yeah, I'm gonna be occupying your couch, buddy) for a bit before waking up to go to Express at 2 in the afternoon. I'll work for 8 hours until 11 (had to toss that "11" in there in case the math escaped you...hour lunch break, after can never be too sure), then start a 16 hour shift on Christmas Eve at 1 am. Whew. Yeah, what a doozy! It'll be fun, though, and I definitely look forward to working amidst the hectic shopping in the mall tomorrow. Why God made me that way, I'm not sure, but I certainly don't mind it :) Instructing people on the finer details of the differences between merino wool and lambswool is just the beginning; the true joy lies in seeing a rather foppish looking gentleman come into the store with nary a clue, approaching him with guileless charm, and guiding him through the appropriate steps in choosing an appropriate outfit. Sure, it's superficial, but it's an artistic outlet :)

Oh, hush. Let me have my fun.

posted by Bolo | 8:35 PM
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