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What a strange day. Such joy, such sorrow, such hope, such weariness.

I spent the latter portion of the evening over at Becky and Laura Beth's apartment. Scott and I got invited to a Seminary party. There wasn't a whole lot of food, but there was a handwritten miseltoe sign. Hmmm...ought I find it disturbing that three separate seminary girls tried to maneuver themselves with me under that silly sign? All in fun, of course, all in fun. I told them I must refrain, lest I get in trouble!

Before the party, I finished up the last portion of the first portion of my shifts with Moore for the week. With our pay period starting on Saturday at midnight, I had already accrued fifty-plus hours for the week. Ouch. Good money, but tiring. Wednesday will be my day off, and I'll try to acquire more hours for Thursday and Friday. We'll see how that goes...hopefully, it can be done.

Life never gets boring. When normalcy will set in, I do not know. I find John Piper's mantra to be reverberating within me..."God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." Yes! My utmost desire? To be satisfied in Him!

posted by Bolo | 11:58 PM
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