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Humility is one of those things that's so necessary, yet so very...well...humbling :) As I thought about how the Lord's been humbling me as of late, I felt the familiar squirming of my soul that accompanies such character-building. That squirming, which is a result of rather uncomfortable levels of conviction being poured out upon me, is a telltale sign that my pride is being squashed.

Oh, how good of God :)

I was just talking to Jeff tonight, and I told him that we, as humans, have a tendency to want to hide our imperfections. The ridiculous thing about that is that the cross takes our imperfections and makes them public! What's more, such a public display of our sins are to the Lord's glory; His glory He will not give to another! I often feel like the process of growing in Christ-likeness involves God reaching into my heart, grabbing the sin I'm hiding, and ripping it out so that He can put it on public display. And this he does over and over and over again. Why? So that the glory of His grace in Christ might be made known through my wretched heart.

Indeed, how very good of God :)

posted by Bolo | 11:20 PM
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