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Semester's End

After I tossed the shifter into park and pulled the parking brake until it would brake no more, I turned off the engine and sat there listening to John Ondrasik and Five for Fighting, letting them soothe me with 100 Years. The clock must've read somewhere around 12:30. 12:30 am, that is. The next thing I know, my eyes were gazing at that same clock as it read "2:24." Whoa...that was a nice little nap. The car radio was blurring out something to my blurry mind, and my blurry eyes could barely see through the blurry windshield and window. I got out and went inside, thinking about the evening that just transpired.

Dinner with Jessica was cool. I told her I wrote a blog post about her, and she got excited about that. Oh, that reminds me...I have to email her. Be right back.

Ok, email has been sent. She listened to me recount the past month's happenings, since I hadn't really seen her a whole lot in that time period. In fact, of the few times that I had seen her, our interaction was very quick and not at all conducive to good conversation. It was with this long gap in news, therefore, that I gave her the crazy happenings of all that had transpired since our last decent dialogue. She was excited for me...silly giddy girl, I tell you.

I went back to Carver after that to await the start of our last Dorm Meeting of the semester. This one was unofficial, since the official last one was last week, but we had a good turnout anyway. These unofficial ones are always special; they're very sweet and reverential in a way that goes beyond our normal Dorm Meetings. A few people shared some things that the Lord has done this semester, and others read some passages of Scripture that they felt they needed to share. Right now, I'm not left with too many details of that last Dorm Meeting; it's more of an impression. What is that impression? Simply this: seek the Him.

Scott and I walked Cassie and Emily back to Mullins after that, and the ladies obliged us with gracious conversation and laughter that far outdid our own cumbersome attempts at witty humor. Ok, maybe not; it was just Scott's cumbersome attempts at witty humor that were outdone, not mine ;) After bidding the young ladies adieu, we went back to Carver and prayed. Wow. That was the last time we'd do our Monday walk and talk after Dorm Meeting for the semester. That's another semester in the books, in a sense. Those Monday walks are going to become legendary in Scott and Toto lore.

It wasn't all that long ago where we were planning out the semester together, trying to patch together strategies that would allow us to be more effective in our roles on campus. We spoke of how the Leadership Retreat had gone, and our respective reactions to Orientation. We shared what the Lord had been teaching us over the summer, and how we wanted to apply those teachings. Ironically, we also spoke of how we both were chilling on the Girl Front; yeah, we both fell flat on our faces there. No regrets about that for either one of us, though :)

Scott and I prayed in an empty classroom on the first floor of Carver. After praying, I told him that right now, it seems like the Lord's teaching me to be content in not seeing life with the clarity or discernment I'm used to. The semester's been tough, and the past month has been unforgivingly brutal at times, and my soul is desperately in need of recuperation and rejuvenation. But you know what? The Lord's working that, even now; I just have to be patient and not rush it. I must look to Him and seek Him, trusting that He'll teach me once more not to rely upon myself, but upon Him. He has made me weak for the sake of His glory, and in that I rejoice :)

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