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Remarkably Fitting

When Leeman called me at 8:58 am, I knew something was fishy. Our 9:00 am appointment was somehow going to be altered, of that I was sure. Thus, I was not surprised in the least when I answered the phone and heard a lot of wind in the background...background wind as is created when one is still driving on the interestate!

me: "You're late, aren't you?"

Leeman: "I took the wrong exit!"

me (laughing): "How did I know? HOW DID I KNOW!?!?!"

Leeman: "I'll be there in a little bit, brother."

Only Jonathan Leeman, I tell you. Of course, the Leeman Principle was not just limited to me. Oh, no! He had a 7:00 am breakfast meeting with Chip. Jonathan told me Chip's phone call woke him up at 7:10 am. Was I surprised? Nope :)

Alas! Such a tale is not fair to Jonathan, if only because I have thus far written only of his silly mishaps. Granted, those silly mishaps are remarkably fitting with the Jonathan I've always known and loved, but still, I really ought to be fair to Mr. Leeman.

But you know what? Not quite yet ;)

posted by Bolo | 3:34 PM
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