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Very cool, in a creepy sort of way.

Ok, enough with the links for now. Yesterday was Christmas...a good one, despite the fact that I had to work 12 hours. No, check that, I got to work 12 hours...I could easily not have a job, and I'm grateful to the Lord that He's faithful to supply for my needs through a ton of working hours...nearly 70 hours during the last week :)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning were very, very cool. Jien, Jill, and Mark came over to spend Christmas with the Merrifields and the Letoto. We shared how our years had gone (I took forever talking about January, relating the joys of when Andrew was here. Then I went into this semester...oh my...whoa...yeah...whew...*sigh*...we'll leave that one alone for now), and then we ate dinner. Mon made duck. I love duck. Oh boy...very good stuff. After dinner, we played Cranium. For the record, Monica cheated, and if her toes hurt at all, it's because she deserved it. She cheated. They wouldn't have won if she hadn't cheated. That's the truth, and I'm not deviating from it. So there.

That cheater.

Moving on...

After that, I called my mommy. I talked to her for a little while...until somewhere around 3 am. Then my Christmas got much better...I won't say why, but it did =)

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