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Leeman's Happiness

Jonathan Leeman is, for the time being, back in town. We were supposed to gather at the Perkins residence at 7 pm. Because he was late, the time got switched to 8:30 pm. No surprise there, truth be told. In fact, when Shannon told me we were pushing back the start time because Jonathan was running late, I just laughed and said, "hey, Jonathan's involved! Of course we're behind schedule!"

The evening at the Perkins house was great. We watched an old Seinfeld standup routine, most of which I managed to sleep through. Me sleeping through something...go figure ;) Maybe it was his nose; that thing is so huge, it caught my attention like a natural pendulum swinging back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...back and...forth...back...and...forth...back...oh, sorry :)

It was good to see Jonathan. He looked...happy. I think we all looked happy, with the end of the semester having begun to settle into our systems. But he really looked happy, in a way that surpassed the deep joyful kind of happy that I'd seen in him when he left in the summer. It was the carefree kind of happy that comes with knowing not only that you're supposed to be right where you are, but also from having the capacity to naturally enjoy that place where the Lord has you. The simple things in life are enjoyable, the little things are meaningful, and the big things are not overwhelming. Shannon will become his bride in under two months, and Jonathan is happy. And I'm happy for him :)

I get to meet with him at 9 am...less than 9 hours hence. We have an hour together before I have to head over to Alumni Chapel for graduation (Mon and Dave are walking tomorrow...woohoo!), and before he has to head over to Carver for a little shindig with Scott and Biggzy. It'll be cool :) The last time Jonathan and I spent some time together one on one...let's was the middle of summer...June 21, if memory serves me correctly...and I'm sure it does, 'cause it was the day after Jim Winn's going away party...anyway, it was quite the crazy conversation, and one I'll never forget. Jonathan was in rare form that day, displaying an even greater amount than usual of his infamous Leeman Principle. This time around, I have a feeling it'll be somewhat different. How, I'm not sure, but I'm looking forward to our time together. It'll quite possibly be the last one on one time I get to spend with him before he gets married. That has such a note of finality to it...married! And Jonathan Leeman, no less! I shouldn't make fun of him; after all, here I am on the slow boat to my undergraduate degree, not really anywhere close to graduation. I just told someone that by the time I graduate, the Freshmen here at Boyce will be a decade younger than me. Ouch :) Reality sets in at the strangest times, doesn't it? Indeed it does, indeed it does.

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