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Frolickin' Like a Hefty Heifer

For some reason, my family thinks I'm fat. They haven't seen me in over a year and a half, and they saw a picture of me at Mon and Dave's graduation...supposedly, it makes me look like I have a belly. Now, if I want to say that I feel fat like a hefty heifer, that's one thing. If my brother, on the other hand, who both Monica and I say is slow, can't jump, has no stamina, and little to no athleticism (but could still maim me in fifty different ways without thinking) says I'm getting fat with a belly, that's where I draw the line.

'Cause I'm not. So I haven't worked out this semester the way that I normally would have. So I've gained all of...oh...two, maybe three pounds over the past two or three months. A week in the gym, and it'll melt away. A week of delightfully torturing my body the way I'd love to, and the supposed fat is gone. A week of motivating myself with the moronic notion that I actually appeared fat in a picture, and it's all good.

posted by Bolo | 11:13 PM
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