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Done. Done, DONE, DONE. Boyce College's Fall Semester, 2004, is over and done with. DONE.

Ryan Szrama still has some papers to turn in, though. Hah!

Tonight a handful of us were over at his, Scott, Rob, Cassie, and Emily. All of his roommates were there at one point or another...Benge, Rusczkiewicz, Moonpie, Worley, and Tim Smith. The only bummer about a night like that is that there's so many options, one inevitably feels torn. Mike asked me to stay in the Patio Room and play Risk with them, which I would have loved to do, but I had already been cemented into a fine dinner prepared by Cassie and Emily. No loss there, mind you :) A free meal is always good, but this one was absolutely magnificent. Little turkey and cream cheese roll thingies with strawberry butter...oh my...I told Moonpie I could eat that strawberry butter through a straw. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I was joking. The chicken...breaded in Panko and fried, served over pasta...mmm...excellent! I must say, the ladies outdid themselves. They were a little jealous, however, because Scott and Worley both got massages, and they did not. Emily did get a nice little picture of Scott's agonized face, though; maybe she'll post that on her blog :)

Of course, no gathering of Boyce students would be complete without a few silly yet random quotes. Here, from this evening as well as days recently gone by, are a handful worth laughing at.

Moonpie: "Oh, cuss word!"
Said with discernable volume after Moonpie hit his knee on his desk in his room. We all heard it in the kitchen. Hi-stinkin-larious.

Pablo: "If you don't realize that Paul Butterworth is singing an 8 minute long karaoke, there's a lot of things you aren't going to realize."
What Paul said concerning the attentiveness of our fellow Boyce College men whilst at the DeKlavon's infamous After-Party on Saturday night.

Szrama: "Hey, I could be your girlfriend."
He said that to Rob. Pfft...'nuff said :)

Scott: "Rob, who's water is it?"
Rob: "...It's MY WATER!"
Scott was implying that Rob ought to share his water freely. Rob was implying that he didn't have to. Dork.

*Sigh*...such thoughts are churned out at the end of the semester. Silliness abounds, and sadness has not set in, for we do not yet realize that we won't see one another for six weeks or so in most cases. We're just glad to be done with final exams, and we want to make sure that we do all the things can to release the stress and tension. Yes, the Lord is indeed good...four semesters down...fifty to go...

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