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I told this analogy to Andrew Saturday was one of those things that popped into my head in a manner explained by Einstein's Eureka Phenomenon. Anyway, the analogy goes like this. The way God uses me reminds me of having a cup of thick, dirty, murky water. Imagine getting a cup, dipping it into the Ohio River, and drinking it. Yeah, nasty, right? Well, I can see the cup in front of me, and it's repulsive. God tells me that no matter how much clean I wish the water in my cup would be, it's still nasty. BUT, He also tells me to take my cup, and pour my water into someone else's. I tell God, "uhhh, you want me to pour this FILTH into someone else's cup?" He responds affirmatively, of course, so I start to pour. The amazing thing? As I tip over my cup, the water coming out is crystal clear, clean, pure, and refreshing. So it is with our lives. God uses us in spite of us. How I speak life into another human is beyond me, what with the filth and garbage I know exists in my heart, yet He does an amazing work through me. That He allows me to see Him and enjoy Him working? Even more amazing :)

posted by Bolo | 11:56 PM
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