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Bleh. Sick. Tired...a little sneezy...itchy throat...bleh.

Other than that, life is not too bad. Chapel featured Dick Lincoln as our guest preacher for the day. He preached on John 1:14, emphasizing that "the Word became flesh." He highlighted the tension between the spiritual and fleshly aspects of our lives, with the main point being that since Christ Himself has dealt with that tension in the most perfect way imaginable, we can and ought to look to Him for guidance.

It's not a new idea, but it is one that I often struggle with. As I sat there today, I wondered how well I deal with this tension. Do I, in my attempts at being spiritually mature, lean "too much" upon the Spirit, and not actively participate in the world that I live in, despite the fact that I am an "alien" and "sojourner" in this land? Or do I live in such a way that I am so caught up in the tangible aspects of life, the humdrum of the daily grind, that I neglect the beauty and majesty of God?

I think that Mr. Lincoln's point was this. Jesus Christ, in obedience to the Father, chose to do His ministry *here*, in *human flesh*. Nothing else would suit His work. He did not neglect the spiritual matters, and He did not in any way diminish the glory of God by doing so; rather, He trusted that His obedient work would magnify the glory of God amongst mankind in a way that could not be done otherwise.


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