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Random Matters...

Random matters for today...

I spent over an hour waiting at the Indiana BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to get my car temporarily registered. Yes, I have a car now :) Dr. & Mrs. David Parks kindly gave to me their '90 Camry, since they were preparing to leave to go overseas. Anyway, the BMV was quite an experience, and I'll have to go back on Tuesday after I get the emissions test done tomorrow.

We had our first "real" Howdy Group meeting of the semester last night, and I think it went really well. Even though Jessica (my co-leader) wasn't there, it seemed like we had a bunch of people who wanted to be there, and I think everyone will continue to come out each week. For that, I'm grateful. The Howdy Groups have been something that the Powers That Be at Boyce have poured a lot into, and I believe that if Jessica and I do our part well, we'll be more than satisfied with the fruit of our labors.

Time to eat!

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