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I get this call from Jonathan Leeman last night, right in the middle of my conversation with Jon Field. It was a strange moment, because these are both men that I'm very close to, but don't get to talk to very much. Furthermore, I'd already talked to Jonathan the day before when I called to wish him a happy birthday, so I found it stranger still that he'd be calling me back so soon. Imagine my surprise, then, when he tells me, "Hey John? She said YES." I thought to myself, "said yes? Yes to what?"

Now hold up. I know what you're thinking. Usually when a guy is that excited, and he says something as simple as what Jonathan said, it can only mean one thing. BUT, this is Jonathan Leeman, and I've learned never to assume things, since we all know what happens when we assume things...

"Repeat to me exactly what you asked her, 'cause I refuse to assume anything. The last time I assumed something with you and Shannon, I ended up digging my foot out of my mouth for the next week," said I. Leeman replied with an exuberant, "Shannon, will you marry me? And she said yes, Johnny!" I started jumping up and down in the security console at LG&E's Broadway Office Complex, yelling rather effervescently for joy :)

Marriage is a great thing :) (Yes, I wrote that. No, you can't quote me.)

posted by Bolo | 5:33 PM
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