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Will the Irish win today at Michigan State? Or was last week's win over Michigan but a fluke? *Sigh*...I'll have to somhow track the progress whilst working my security gig at LG&E. I won't go into the ins and outs of the game; far better minds than my own have already twisted themselves into a pretzel trying to do just that. Let's just say I'm hoping...fervently...and praying...desperately :)

I had a great conversation last night at Java with Darren Thomas. He's another one of the Old Single But Normal Guys at Boyce. (Actually, he's taking classes at U of L now, but he's still on campus at Boyce.) I had meant to get some studying done, which I did, just not to the degree I had originally intended :) That's ok, I still learned a lot. Darren and I talked about a variety of topics: the Apocrypha, the book of Hebrews, Dr. Draper, Bush and Kerry, being a student at U of L, apologetics, personality types, spiritual giftings, ecclesiology, and more. One thing in particular that I think will stick with me for a long time is Darren's approach to apologetics, and as a result, sharing the gospel. His mind is very much geared to think in such a way that apologetics comes naturally to him; that's not been the case for me, although I have a hunch that if I put my mind to it, it wouldn't seem very foreign. Apologetics is one means by which he actively shares the gospel, and is very unafraid to do so. Since neither has been a strong suit of mine, I'm inclined to think that perhaps if I work on strengthening my apologetics skills, I'll be at least somewhat better equipped to handle the debates that come my way in witnessing.

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