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Sometimes, computers are like...girls. Temperamental, fussy, cantankerous, and irrational, they are still, without a doubt, creatures of wondrous beauty and glory when behaving as they were designed to. But can we live without them? Some may say that computers have no hold over them, and some may say that girls have no hold over them (reminds me of that Rob Smythe conversation last night...what laughs he gave me!), but in any event, I can feel the pain of the comparison all too well.

I sat here more than twelve hours ago, trying in vain to fix the conundrum this computer presented me with. The operating system installed at the time? Windows ME. Yes, cringe or smirk heartily to your heart's content, depending on the compassion your personal convictions allow. I won't elaborate further on the state of the computer, as I've already done a great deal of confessing to the Lord in regards to this matter. Suffice it to say that it's now fixed, thanks in part to my good, nasally-blessed buddy (even better buddy now) Ryan Szcrama. The pleasures of a fresh Windows 2000 install (this computer wouldn't really be able to handle the weight of XP), locked down with all the latest patches and security software...*sigh*...GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous!

*Sigh*...but alas! I've devoted the better part of my day to this computer, and now I have to get ready to go to work so I can study for my two exams and my quiz tomorrow. Gah. Pray for me...I need FOCUS!

Oh, but before I do that, consider this with me. In Hebrews 5 - 9, Christ is depicted as being our "Great High Priest." The author goes to great length to show the differences between the priests that were chosen by God to be high priest over the nation of Israel and Jesus.

The high priests were sinful humans, for one thing, while Christ was the God Man who did not sin while clothed in sinful flesh. The high priests were "of the same kind" as Aaron, while Christ was "of the same kind" as Melchizedek, which meant that He did not have a forebear nor successor in His priesthood, just like Melchizedek. The high priests, in their sacrifices and duties, had to make atonement not only for the nation of Israel, but also for themselves. Christ, on the other hand, made atonement for the people, yet was Himself without sin of His own to atone for. The high priests, because of their sins, had a healthy balance of Godly righteousness and compassion in their view of sin. Christ, because of His full deity and humanity, had a perfect balance of Godly righteousness and compassion for those He atoned for with His own blood.

Of note is something I had never considered before I read it earlier today. Leon Morris, in his commentary on Hebrews, points out that Christ knows the full force of sin's strength and guile, whereas we do not. What that means is that when we fall prey to sin, sin does not have to exert all of its cunning to get us to fall; it's like some joe-schmoe fighting against Bruce Lee in his contest! Bruce Lee would never have to exert all of his considerable strength and skill to best us, so we'd never experience the full force of his talent. Christ, on the other hand, does know the full force of sin, because sin tried its best, and sin was overcome. Christ endured to the full extent of sin's considerable ability to cause humans to fall, and because of that, He truly is able to sympathize and deal gently with us.

One last point. In those chapters, there arises the need to differentiate between Christ's "atonement" for us, which was once for all, and His "intercession," which He lives to do for us forever. It's something to think upon...Paul alludes to that somewhat in Romans (8, I think), but it stuck out to me several nights ago, and I still haven't quite gotten it out of my head.

That's a good thing :)

posted by Bolo | 5:24 PM
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