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Cafeteria Fun

Ok. So a bunch of us were sitting in the middle of the cafeteria the other day having lunch...Lindsay, Jessica, Brandon, Bruce, Ashley, Aaron, Sarah, Amy, and myself. One of the seminary students, Chris Spires, was walking near the cashier when he casually glanced into the room to see who was eating. He catches the eye of one of the males (we'll call him "X") sitting at our table (I won't say it was me, but I won't say it wasn't), and the two exchange the standard wave for two friends seeing each other across a cafeteria. Upon seeing Chris wave toward X, who is sitting across from her at the table, Lindsay sighs audibly and says, "there goes the man of my dreams...every time I see him, I just go 'huuuuuuuhhhhh'". X goes, "you want me to go get him for you?" To which Lindsay replies, "nooooo!" So of course X gets up and sprints out the cafeteria door, calling Chris back. When Chris gets back, he asks me, I mean X, what was up. X tells Chris that since they hadn't talked in a while, X thinks Chris should come back to the table and talk for a bit so they can catch up.

Now back at the table, Lindsay was sitting directly across from X, and to Lindsay's right was Sarah, and to Sarah's right now sat Chris. Lindsay looks at X and is mouthing, "I'm going to kill you!!!" while Lindsay's friends Jessica and Ashley are laughing rather hysterically at the whole predicament. Jessica gives me, I mean X, a high-five, all while Chris chats amiably with Sarah and Amy, who's sitting to X's left.

Now, did X stop there? No sirree Billy Joe Bob! After Chris leaves, another seminary friend of X's, Jason, comes to sit at the table. As it slips out that there's been a little incident at Lindsay's expense, X asks Lindsay if she would mind if Jason was brought up to speed on the happenings with the other seminary dude. After Lindsay says "noooo," Jason says, "well of course you're going to have to tell me now!" X reassures Lindsay by saying, "don't worry, I won't say his name." Jessica stage whispers to Jason, "he's Stephen Cannon's roommate!" Jason goes, "oh, Chris!" Lindsay proceeds to bury her face into her hands in hopes of finding a remedy for her embarassment. After Jason is told the tale, Jessica chimes in and says, "while Chris was here, I should've said something like, 'oh Lindsay, you were right, he does have pretty eyes!'" Jason asks us, "would you like me to tell Chris that?" Lindsay proceeded to continue her search for a cure for embarassment in the palms of her hands :)

posted by Bolo | 1:20 PM
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