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So. I was in Java this morning, and this Filipino dude walks up to me and introduces himself. He wanted to know if I was the same guy he'd seen on the OneDay03 DVD. Aaaahhh, my fifteen minutes of keeps going and going :)

We actually ended up having a great I really needed and am grateful for. What did we talk about? A bunch of (he graduated from Southern a year ago), various churches, various people we both knew to varying degrees, various things God's been teaching us, various struggles we've had to deal with, various...well, you get the idea :)

I did share with him one thing that made me go "wow" this morning. Here's the deal. We're supposed to have Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon's Call) come here in the Fall.'s not a done deal's Blind Brandon's job to make sure it happens. Anyway, for whatever reason, somewhere around 5 am EST, I couldn't sleep and started thinking about Derek coming up here and doing his thing. I pictured meeting him (again), and chilling with him and all that jazz. In the course of talking with him, I (and I assume many others, as well) would probably thank him for the songs he's written, the stance he's taken on certain issues, and the way he's obeyed the Lord over the years in doing essence, all the nice Christian things that Goose would mock me for. Now, here's the thing. I'm so very quick to lavish praise and thanks upon people like Derek Webb; what about the people I see and interact with on a daily basis? Pastor Danny, after working for twenty years in the Highway Department in St. Louis, uprooted his family and moved to Jeffersonville, Indiana, to pastor tiny Rolling Fields Baptist Church. That's an incredible example of faith and obedience that I interact with on a regular basis; do I praise God for that, and still more, do I encourage Pastor Danny with that? Hardly. Furthermore, what about those within that church body? Do I look at what God is doing in their lives and praise Him for that? What of those who frustrate the heck out of me? Am I looking upon them with grace and an eye toward the immense hope that is stored up for them in Christ, or even seeing them as a part of the wondrous inheritance that Christ has in His Church? Hmmm...a shameful "no" to all of the above.

*Sigh*...that thought has a pretty big Ouch Factor to it.

posted by Bolo | 11:44 AM
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