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Whew. Finally. After...oh...four hours, maybe five, Jared's computer is finally virus-free. I think. Somewhere around 250 virus files had plagued his poor 'puter...yeah, it was a pretty nasty case :(

I talked to Kayla last night. What I realized recently is that she'll be eleven in under a month. Eleven years old in Hawai'i generally translates into the sixth grade. The sixth grade translates into the first year Kayla will be in the youth group at church. WHOA. That's what I call perspective, ya know? I remember when Kayla was born, and me, Steph, and Malia chose to stay at Camp Timberline with the rest of our church rather than go into town to go see our first niece being born. Next thing I know, I'll be putting a lei about three to four inches above the top of her head at her high school graduation ceremony, giving her a hug, and congratulating her for also beating uncle Jeff to getting a license. Ok, maybe not that last part...but's not like it's not probable!

Yesterday was my first day at Express For Men. The verdict? I think I dig it. I mean, I figured it'd be the "fun" job, one where I'd get to see and talk to people, and it met those expectations. I had fun, I socialized, and I made a little is good. The goal is to not spend the money I make there buying clothes with my discount. Hmmm...I can hear the Peanut Gallery now...

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