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Mistaken Identity

A phone call from yesterday morning went something like this...

John groggily wakes up.
John Hello?
Rob: Hey's Rob.
Even though it's a number with a 720 area code, John assumes it's Rob Hengel, his old buddy whom he used to work with back at Tripler in Hawai'i.
John: Oh...hey man, what's up?
Rob: Ummm, I have a couple of friends who are going to Hawai'i on their honeymoon, and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for them.
John: Uh, where in Hawai'i are they going to? Which island?
Rob: I think they're going to Maui...I'm not sure where else they'll be.
Right about now, John is thinking that Rob sounds pretty stoned, 'cause not only is he talking sort of slowly and thickly, but he's asking John for advice on where to go in Hawai'i, when Rob should very well know that himself. Add to that the fact that it's a 720 area code he's calling from, and John is figuring that Rob has moved somewhere else, and may actually be in trouble or something. John pictures Rob looking somewhat haggard and starts worrying...
John: Maui, huh? Well, I'm not too familiar with Maui...
Rob: Oh. Well, that's ok then. I'll just tell them you're not too sure.
John: Sorry 'bout that.
Rob: No problem. Don't worry about it.
John:'ve you been? Haven't heard from you in a while.
Rob: I've been all right. I'm actually getting ready to paint the house today.
John: Oh. Where are you now?
Rob: In Libertyville, Illinois.
As soon as Rob says this, John thinks to himself, "Hey, I know Libertyville! Rob Smythe is from there!"
John: I know someone from Libertyville...
Rob: Oh yeah? Who?
John: A friend of mine...
This is where God's grace really kicks in. John realizes that the Rob he's talking to isn't Rob Hengel, his good buddy from Tripler, but Rob Smythe, his good buddy from Boyce College. John attempts to play off his groggy stupidity as silly humor...
John: His name is Rob Smythe. Hehehe...
Rob: Huh? Oh! Hehehe...
Fortunately for John, his lame humor works. He's thinking even as he writes this, "Maybe Rob will read this and laugh his butt off at me."

posted by Bolo | 10:38 AM
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