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What's the haps?

It's been over a year since I was last at home. During my stay there, I blogged once. That's it. Perhaps I was having too much fun at the beach. In any event, this week and a half has been the longest non-blogging stretch I've had in quite some time.

What's happened? A lot...and not a whole lot. I worked a sixteen hour shift last Saturday. Watched Denzel Washington's latest movie...pretty good...watched "The Return of the King," thanks to Jim Murphy, who works at Blockbuster. They get the new releases a week in advance :) I fixed Jared's computer, which previous to my tinkering would only give him an error message telling him his c:\windows\system32 directory was missing such and such file. I now have the privilege of posting this post on that very same computer. Oh, the thrills of a working computer :) What else? I went to Brennan and Kathy's wedding today...congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Webb. Oh, the best part of the whole ordeal? Right after they got into the car to leave the reception, with everyone clapping and smiling, the car suddenly stops. It goes full throttle into reverse. Brennan gets out, pops open the hatchback, and pulls out their little nephew, who had been stowed away in the back of the car by the bridal party. Now THAT was funny!

I gotta cut this post short, since I have to work in...oh...seventeen minutes. Jared's running me over to the LG&E building shortly. Very shortly, I hope. I think I'm getting hungry, too...

posted by Bolo | 10:33 PM
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