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Tastes like chicken!

Next Fall is shaping up to be pretty good. School-wise, I'll have the following things to handle: four classes I'm taking for credit, one class I'm going to try to sit in on (Dr. Draper's the man...his Interpreting Hebrews class will be awesome, I'm sure), the Boyce Ambassador...ship, and leading a Howdy Group. The Howdy Group is pretty cool...I'll get to help new students get used to the ebb and flow of college life here at Boyce. I'm one of five guys and five girls who will be doing this, so I'm excited :)

At church, I'm still helping out with the youth group, but I may be moving over to help out with a new college ministry that will be starting up. I won't be leading it, but the guy who is is has already been a college professor both here and abroad, so he has a ton of experience with college students. It's something worth looking forward to, I'm thinking.

Earlier today, I sat in on Dr. Orrick's Great Books class once more. They had their "final exam"...two hours of eating and discussing The Return of the King. Yeah, I know...suffering for Jesus ;) Oh, I ate my first bit of squirrel today in that class. Dr. Orrick caught it and prepared tasted like chicken, I promise. A little more tender, though. Very, very good stuff. Mark Knapp had gathered and prepared some mushrooms that Dr. Orrick said are very expensive...somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty dollars a pound. Ouch! Ginger made some Lembas Bread, gathered what was supposed to be Athelas/Kingsfoil and gave it to Cleve, and also made some PO-TA-TOES. I myself bought (yeah, like I was gonna bake it from scratch) Honey Nut Cakes of the Beornings.

Mmmm...getting hungry...

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