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Just Another Magnificent Monday

Reason #19 why Boyce College Rocks: Dorm Meetings in Carver Circle. Last night, just after 10 pm EST, about twenty to thirty students made their way outside and onto the grass. The night was cool, the sky was clear, and our God was in our midst. Todd Thomas said that we had to come outside since Media Services didn't set up the sound equipment in Boyce Chapel, but I think it was for the best. No announcements, no message that someone prepared, no PowerPoint...just Todd on a guitar, Hammy on a conga, and us with our voices. We sang a bunch of songs and shared a bunch of thoughts.

I myself reflected aloud on David Livingstone's famous, "I never made a sacrifice." Over four thousand miles separates me from friends and family, yet such distance is no sacrifice; I look forward to being separated still more. That exclamation to the end of Livingstone's incredible journey as a missionary will be all the more real to me one day when I, with effusive joy flowing from my heart, will look upon the face of my Savior for the first time. At that moment, I can say, "that's the reason there was never a sacrifice!"

We ended the night on our knees. I was reminded of the big gathering waaaay back one Saturday night in August, where we prayed prayers for the upcoming school year. Friendships have been made, hearts of stone have been broken and made tender, and faces have come and gone. Through it all, Christ has been exalted. Through it all, He's used us to exalt Himself. Wow.

Several hours before, I'd finished my last final exam. New Testament Survey II, with Dr. Deklavon. I forgot a couple of answers, but I think it'll come out ok.

I'm still thinking about Piper's thoughts in The Pleasures of God. God is happy, and infinitely so. The remarkable thing? He wants to share that pleasure with us. Infinite pleasure is mine to share in. It is not cheap, it is not shallow, and it most certainly is not what I'd choose for sinful flesh is more than enough evidence of that. Nevertheless, it is mine. It is yours, too. Think on that, and enjoy Christ. God does, and infinitely so :)

posted by Bolo | 4:29 PM
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