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Svelteness, Skinny Shoulders, Silicon Stock, and Sad Sighs

Holy Hindu Meat, I'm tired. I already had my cup of morning coffee as I sat in Founder's Cafe on campus, and so I should be alright. But dangit, I feel like I got bit by the afternoon nap bug. Wiggety wiggety woo!

Today I sat down for a bit with Jim while selling tickets for the Spring was the last day to purchase 'em. I got my two...don't know who I'm going with, though. I'll figure it out soon enough. If not, I'll go solo, and it'll be all good. I'll just make sure to be looking my svelte self ;)

I think I have one more day of class...oh boy...then finals. Yesterday, I sat in Dr. Orrick's Great Books class. Their reading for this part of the semester? The Lord of the Rings. That, my friends, is some taaaaasty reading. When I walked in to the class, Cleve had me sit next to him, seeing as how we're probably the two biggest Tolkien Geeks we know of. I mean, greeting one another in Elvish is simply the entry-level prerequisite into Tolkien Geekdom, and we don't really see or hear of a whole lot of others doing it ;) Anyway, Dr. Orrick asked us who the Eldar are (elves who obeyed the call of Orome the Vala to go journey to Valinor), which Cleve and I discussed rather chattily for a few moments while the rest of the class looked on in disbelief. Dr. Orrick, however, was eating it up. He asked us which one would be considered more knowledgeable in Tolkien lore; neither of us really cares, I think. Dr. O brought up the subject of "markings" or "Elvish writing" somewhere on our persons, perhaps in the form of a tattoo. Of course, he knew full well I'm a marked man, and so I showed the class my rather skinny arm with the Elvish tat near the shoulder. Aaaaahhh...the pleasures of Tolkien's influence! The class went pretty well...I'm going to sit in on their "final" as well; they'll only be going over The Return of the King and eating food. Woohoo!

Of note is Google's filing for their 2.7 billion-dollar IPO. The Boys in Silicon Valley have put together the required document in doing so, which is an interesting read. Wired's reaction to it actually has me interested in the Wall Street goings-on, which is pretty amazing; I'm horribly oblivious to business doings in most cases, yet this has me intrigued. *Shrug*.

The school year is coming to an end. It's been a quick semester, and I must say that I'm sad to see it go. *Sigh*...I think what makes it harder is that I won't be going home any time soon, and the only real opportunity to go home is one I may have to turn down. At the present time, at least, I don't plan on being home for another year at least, if that.

A year ago...*sigh*...a year ago, I was flying home. Yep...a year ago, I was probably somewhere near LAX, either boarding, waiting on the plane, or up in the air and on my way over the Pacific. I was thinking about how I'd surprise Boss, how long it'd take for my tan to get back to normal (not long), and how the flight attendants from Aloha Airlines (I think it was Aloha...either them or Hawaiian, but I think Aloha) all had me tempted to call them "Aunty." *Sigh* I sad? A little. But you know what? There's no looking back, no regrets, no "what if's." God's too good for that.

I think I need coffee...

posted by Bolo | 3:43 PM
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