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According to Cleve:

One of his brothers said that he has a humanities class, and toward the close of the semester, the students were to share something they'd learned during the course of their studies. One rather ambitious student shared something that went like this...

I learned that during the Hundred Years War, what won the war for the English was the innovation and integration of the English Longbow. Well, the French became so utterly frustrated with this that every time they captured an Englishman, they would cut off his middle finger with the hopes of derailing the effective and proper use of the Longbow. Well, according to historians, the Englishmen who still had their middle fingers, after witnessing some of their brethren being subject to such horrid psychological warfare and physiological abuse, would in the midst of warfare after shooting their longbows, raise a fist heavenward and thrust from their clenched hands an extended middle finger and yell, "pluck you!" in an exaltation of their freedom to pluck their acclaimed bows. Well, the English language being as prone to evolution as it is...

Right about there, the professor cut in with "all right, we get the point!"

Keep in mind that Cleve's username for his email account is ThePuritan777. Hmmm...I did tell him that I'd succeed in corrupting him ;) (Note: Cleve just admitted that I am indeed corrupting him!)

posted by Bolo | 8:39 PM
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