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Who's the Boss?

Reason #74 why Boyce College Rocks: The Pastor-Theologian Society, better known as PTS. This past Thursday, we had our third meeting of the semester. The topic? Discipleship. We looked at several different types and models for discipleship, covering the massive small groups of 60 or more all the way to one on one accountability. I must admit I was pretty tired, and I felt like I was going to fall asleep through most of it. Still, what Leeman said toward the end has stuck in my head in a great way.

He asked if he might submit to us that discipleship, no matter what the type or model, requires two things in order to truly be discipleship, and neither one of those things exists without the other.

Authority and Submission.

It's not a formula, it's not some mystical spritual secret, but it did ring true in my heart, and I believe that's because it rings true in Scripture. Think about it. When we submit to those in authority over us, whether they be pastors, elders within the church, or even our parents (no matter how old we are), there's something right about that submission. It's because God designed us that way. In such submission, we are living out the idea that we trust those to whom God has given authority to govern and guide us. In submission, we are acknowledging not only that God knows best when He places certain individuals in authority over us, but also that those individuals are recognizing the great responsibility they bear in their God-given authority.

I think of the great mentors I have, both past and present, all of whom I still look to for guidance, and probably will until the end of my life. Jon...Gary...Jonathan...all have blessed me greatly, and still do. After thinking about what Jonathan said Thursday night, I can look back and see that when I submitted myself to their authority, I was then able to reap the heaping dividends of their wisdom. What an amazing grace!

One more thing. It's amazing to think that even in this, we can follow Christ's example. He Himself submits to the will of the Father. Think about that; within the trinity, we have this idea of authority and submission on display. Amazing! "Not My will, but Your will be done." Yes...amazing.

posted by Bolo | 11:16 AM
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