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It's Friday. My eyeballs burn just a tad, my legs have a hint of an ache from playing Ultimate yesterday, and my brain is just awake enough for me to be other words, I may start spouting out Elvish phrases in the middle of a conversation. Oops :)

Signs of Spring are finally here. Flowers are beginning to bloom, the temperature is civil, and hopes of a tan have returned to my saddened soul. *Cough* :) Hmmm...random thought: I don't understand why Singles Awareness Day would be in the middle of February when it's cold and miserable, as opposed to say, March or April, when the weather is far more agreeable to such things. I guess there are some intricacies of human behavior I'll never truly understand.

I've got a little bit of paperwork to do today. Scott Davis, from the Admissions Office, had wanted me to apply to be a Student Ambassador for Boyce. The Ambassadors help prospective students get to know Boyce a little better, and help make the college search as smooth as possible. My guess is they want me to help fill the ethnic/cultural/denominational diversity quota ;) It's kind of funny, really, 'cause if you look at pictures on the school's website, you'll see a much higher ratio of "culturally diverse" students than really is the case. In any event, I really wouldn't mind doing it, simply because I do promote the school whenever I get a chance. I love it, I believe in it, and I tell people that. Even if we're not as culturally diverse as the pictures indicate ;)

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