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Whoa, I look up, and it's already Thursday.

This week's been flying by. Actually, the semester's been flying by; we're already more than halfway through, and next week we'll have "Spring Reading Days"'s the Southern Baptist equivalent of Spring Break ;) I've spent the past few days going a little nutso...I had a New Testament II mid-term on Monday, plus that Romans background paper I still had to finish up (which, discerning reader, you may identify as having been due the previous Monday). Tuesday...what happened Tuesday? Oh. I woke up when Big Daddy Dan Sheerin nearly killed me with his book bag...that was a close call...I'd crashed for the night in Scott's and Biggz's, and Dan came in somewhere around 9:30 with his breakfast, ready to watch some of The Godfather, and realized my body was under the blanket he was about to toss his hefty book bag onto. Come to think of it...I'm not sure what'd be worse...death by bag, or death by Dan's big butt. Yeesh...not pleasant. Wednesday...yesterday...oh, scholarship apps and taxes. The 1040A kicked my butt for a little bit, and then I had to fill out some forms on CSS' website. *Groan*'s been a heck of a week.

But today. Oh my goodness, Today! There's no need for bundling up, as Spring really, truly, unashamedly is here :) The birds are singing, the flowers blooming, and the sun's kind of shining! *Sigh*...*grin*'s the kind of day that makes you want to sit down and laugh for no reason. Maybe I'll go do just that.

posted by Bolo | 9:28 AM
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