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It's supposed to snow this week. Stupid weather. That's my rant for the week. I'm done...I promise :)

Sometimes, somewhere around the early morning hours, my mind begins to wander, and I'll find myself walking amongst memories that are more vivid than reality.

I see myself paddling out with The Crew...Brian and Andrew and Brit and Steak Sauce and Mikami and Kawamura and Sarah and Bubble Boy and Joyce and Josh "I'm from Kaimuki" (yeah...whatevah!) Chang. Sometimes, I'd be paddling out with no one...solo mission. I can see the surf as I'd paddle out, enough to make me excited, enough to make me paddle faster and let out a little yell. Oooohhhh...three to four and glassy...the sunset swell...the entire break all to myself, or sharing the break with Uchida and Cabreros...*sigh*...

I remember walking/jogging in the airport with Andrew, Jeff about a hundred yards behind us, quickly falling even further behind...only this time, we're not going to see anyone else off at the's Uchida himself who's leaving...I remember how we did the same thing exactly one week before, running to see Cabreros off at his gate, Jeff about a hundred yards behind us. Yeah...they left...those they're back, and I'm the one that's gone.

I can see the house on Judd street...the crazy all night gaming sessions Goose and I would pull...the games of Shanghai we'd play with Spike...the times Andy took my Reefs and I went ballistic, the hundreds of times I'd wake up and see Andy sleeping on the living room floor, lying facedown, his hands protecting his future kids...David eating the banana, with the peel and all...Big Haole Gabe saying, "hey, it's the white guy!" when I walked in the door...oh, and who can forget the B & J's binges? Two for five! *Sigh*...good times :)

I remember the night before I left. January 11, 2003. I was running late. Again. (I think that's one reason Andrew and I get along so well...we know exactly what time we're really going to show up for something without talking about it...or sometimes if we do talk about it, we still know what time we're really going to show up.) Random people came over to Mary and Kawika's, but eventually Matthew, Dean, and Boss were sitting outside with me, trying to find the right things to say, as if we could magically slow time down if we just found the right words. I remember how the clouds were streaking across the sky sort of strangely that night, and how I felt so far removed from leaving, as if I still had another week to go.

Maybe, in another year or so, those same memories will be just as vivid. Maybe, in another ten years or so, I'll have memories from here that will be just as vivid.

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