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Strong words

I told someone last night that I wouldn't post anything else on the movie. Well...after thinking it over, I think I'm changing my mind on that decision.

I've had some pretty strong words on how I felt the movie depicted the passion (suffering) of Christ. I've told some that I get really mad at other believers when they tell me they thought the beatings were too much, were too graphic, and that they didn't like how they depicted the suffering. In my mind, I feel like yelling at them, "don't you get it? That's the whole point! We can't handle our sin! That's part of what's being put on display, the price of our sin!" It's one thing if someone tells me they simply can't handle gore by nature, or perhaps doesn't want the movie to have a hold on their worship on the Lord, or if they have issues with the second commandment and the movie. That, I understand.

*Sigh*...don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to fire spiritual missiles toward anyone. In fact, thinking about this scares me a great deal, because the issue does get me more than just a little upset. I see my reaction, and I know I'm treading dangerous emotional and spiritual ground on my part. Perhaps I need to clarify myself...that, I believe, would help.

When I look at my sin, I realize two things. First, sin is horrible. Looking into my heart and at the life God has blessed me with, I realize that sin always has and will continue to ravage my soul, until I am completely free of my sinful flesh. Second, sin is more horrible than I could ever comprehend, more offensive toward the Lord than I'll ever know. With that in mind, when I think of the passion of Christ, I think of His passion being directly proportionate to the offense of sin. Now, when someone tells me that they didn't like what was being depicted because they thought it was too horrible, that the depiction was worse than it should have been, I respond by saying that I totally disagree. Quite frankly, I think the actual suffering was worse than was depicted, physically but especially spiritually.

I don't need anyone to coddle me and tell me my sins aren't as bad as they are, that the effects of my sins aren't as bad as I think they are. I do a good enough job of it every moment of every day, and I hate it. That's the truth, and the truth hurts.

One more thing. I said above that part of what was being put on display in the movie (and 2,000 years ago) was the price of our sins. What else was shown? God's If you're telling me that you think it was too much, I would conclude you're telling me God's character is too much to handle...and I would say you're right. But is the proper response to such despair to turn away from Him, or to embrace Him?

In my passion, be compassionate. It's hard for me to remember the truth of that statement, but I must...and I pray for God's grace in reminding me. If I've sounded too critical and harsh, I apologize. Yet I don't apologize for the conviction in my heart; I see my Lord in such tiny ways as it is, and it angers me that others would shy away from embracing Him with all that they are.

posted by Bolo | 1:27 PM
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