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As I ran around last night with Scott before Boyce's Coffee House, getting coffee pots and French Presses set up along with hauling rugs and couches around, our conversation turned toward the way people act. More specifically, we spoke of a couple people we know fairly decently, and how they don't seem to be very "serious" or "grave" people. When I say that, I mean...well...they almost always seem to be joking, or close to it. One of the things I told Scott is that I usually associate that with lack of spiritual maturity. I think perhaps that's because the more and more I get to know the Lord, the more and more serious and grave I feel I become. That's not to say that I'm a stuck-up, constipated Christian. Quite the opposite :) It's just that the joy I experience becomes a deeper, much more serious matter, because I realize the ways my faith is even more deeply rooted in Christ, and therefore savoring Him becomes a much more serious matter.

But that's where I come to a little bit of a crossroads. I'm me, not some other person. I don't know how they experience God, and how they respond to Him. I can't really relate to that in the way I would hope I would, and so I'm faced with a problem: I must learn to respect and even rejoice in the ways that God has made others, lest I become judgmental and blind to the glories of God.'s something that's fresh and vivid in my head, and as Pastor Brad says, it's those last twelve inches between our heads and our hearts that make all the difference.

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