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"What's God teaching you?" That's my favorite question to ask people. It's a little different than asking people, "how are you doing?" or even, "how are you *really* doing?" I think that's because it takes the focus off of ourselves, and refocuses us on where we need to be focused: God. The question awakens us to the fact that it is God alone who enables us to learn and grow, and God alone who does the teaching and growing. It also forces upon our selfish souls the realization that it is God's purpose that is behind His teaching and growing of us, and not our own whimsical ideas of what is best. To put it shortly, our lives are not our own.

I could probably list a bunch of other reasons of why I love that question. But at the root of it all, I love that question for one simple reason: it gives me yet another reason to see and savor God, because through the various answers, I'll see many of the same Godly joys and struggles in the lives of those I care about.

So. What's God teaching you?

posted by Bolo | 11:28 AM
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