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The Nose

I have a friend. An Italian friend. He sports a rather Italian nose. Think of Pastor Mark Olmos' nose. Or even better, think Vinny from The Wonder Years. Now, put that nose on an Italian face, and you've got Joel Gasparotto. He's quite proud of his nose, to be utterly honest. If he didn't have his face and his personality, his nose would be SOOOO out of place and silly. But on him? Perfect!

Something happened yesterday to bring his nose into a rather humorous light (which therefore cast a large shadow, I might add...*cough*). A few of us (just guys) were sitting around the Patio Room yesterday afternoon. One of us (I'm not saying it was me, I'm not saying it wasn't) cracks a nasty fart. Like, REALLY nasty. Joel, who's sitting right next to the farter (again, I'm not saying it was me, I'm not saying it wasn't), gets up flailing around less than two seconds after the crackage, crying out at the horrific odors now assailing him. Initially, he just moved over a spot or two on the couch. After several more seconds, he gets up and darts across the room to another chair entirely. His shirt is pulled over his prodigious nose, his eyes are watering, and I think he was trying to remove all traces of the aforementioned gas from his previously opened mouth. The poor soul! He asks Mark Hail, who's just sitting there with nary a nasal hair out of place, why he's not affected. Mark responsds by claiming no ability to smell at the moment, and asks Joel if it's really that bad. Joel's incredulous response? "Will you look at this NOSE!?!?"

Aaaahhh...Joel Gasparotto...the one and only :)

posted by Bolo | 9:51 AM
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